Get started by checking out the lists of tricks below.

Next, all you have to do is contact us when you are ready to make your video!

​​​FoxGem Dogs ​Because Training Should Be Fun!​​

Elite Performer

This level is a video you make and send to AKC for approval. 

These trick titles are not to be pooh poohed.  Even experienced folk trialing their dogs can teach Fido to do actions and exercises that they have never tried before, all in the name of having fun doing new tricks. 

AKC has an extensive list of tricks for each level.  Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Performer and Elite Performer and there are also options for "Handler's Choice" (something you taught your dog that might not be on the list).
Start at the beginning (a very good place to start) with Novice, choose the tricks you want to do, teach them to your dog, make a video, send it to me and VIOLA!   If your dog passes Novice, move onto Intermediate etc...

AKC Trick Title Testing Via Video!

With Shelter in Place orders in effect, AKC is allowing us to test and award titles for passed tests, via video!
This has been an absolutely fantastic way for people to stay engaged with their dogs and to keep learning new skills while having a lot of fun.  

I've been delighted to to see both beginners and ring veterans teaching their dogs NEW and FUN exercises and it has been my honor to award these titles.

YOU can do it too!