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Here is some info on various topics that might be of help to you!

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Quick Tips!

  • Bedtime!   Avoid having your puppy or dog in a heightened state of play before bed.  "Tire them out" is too frequently misunderstood and misapplied.  If puppy/dog is romping with zoomies, it's then very hard for him to quiet his brain and just go to sleep.  Quiet time before bed allows for an easier transition to sleep time.

  • Bedtime!  We don't give our puppies toys in the crate that we expect them to sleep overnight in.  Night time is for sleeping, not playing.  All our dogs have been raised this way and we've never been kept awake by a puppy throwing his toys around in his crate.

  • Using a defined space while you train (a platform or rug) gives the dog better focus!

  • Vet wrap around the bottom rungs of the doorway in a crate can help avoid toes getting caught up, especially in your vehicle where the dog has to jump up and in.

  • When teaching "leave it" don't point to the item.  Dogs quickly learn that when we point towards something it means "take it".

  • Think outside the box for Kong stuffing.  Use trachea or bones and stuff with anything that you would allow your dog to consume.  Consider plain yogurt or cottage cheese as a binder.